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  • Julio Suarez

    Let’s Face it: Facial Proportions
    Classroom Workshop

    Students learn how to draw the human face in proportion and make connections between math and art.

    Grades: 4-8
    Workshop Length: 45-60 minutes
    Participant Limit: 25-30 per class
    Connections: Math, Visual Art, Science

    Math & Old Masters: Proportional Pastel Portraits
    Classroom Workshop

    Math and art are integral parts of famous portraits by da Vinci, Van Gogh, and now will be parts of portraits by your students! In this residency, visual artist and art educator Julio Suarez engages students in learning how to draw the human face in proportion, copy a famous work of art, and use oil pastels to “paint” a portrait by an Old Master or Modern Artist in this residency.

    Grades: 3-8
    Workshop Length: 2 or 3 days
    Session Length: 45 minutes per class daily
    Participant Limit: 25-30 per class
    Connections: Math, Visual Art, History

  • KidProv

    STAAR Relief: Math
    Assembly Performance

    KIDPROV brings the art of improvisational comedy into the classroom, deftly integrating curriculum with energetic games to provide a “brains-on” experience, exploring fractions, measurement, problem solving, and math vocabulary. The program presents energetic and participatory activities that exercise the mind while creating a climate of acceptance and cooperation.

    Grades: K-3
    Performance Duration: 60 min
    Audience Limit: 250
    Connections: Math, Theatre

  • Chris Espinosa

    Connect the Dots with Math and Writing
    Assembly Performance

    Students learn about shapes and numbers as they create a story, count and connect dots to reveal a hidden picture. They discover how a picture or illustration, rather than words, can represent an entire story. The performance is ideal for the young audiences whose writing abilities may not be quite as developed as their drawing skills. Through the excitement and energy of storytelling, this presentation inspires your younger students to create their own stories and share them with others through their drawings. A handout will be available for students so that they can connect the dots again and share the story with their family and friends.

    Grades: K-1
    Audience Limit: 200
    Connections: Math, Literary Arts, Visual Arts, Storytelling, Theatre

  • Margaret Clauder

    I Detect a Tale with “Imma Sleuth”
    Assembly Performance

    Margaret, a.k.a. Detective “Imma Sleuth”, will take junior gumshoes on an adventure to find a story in the library that she is supposed to tell. Using their powers of deduction, clues, a fingerprint matching book, and a secret code, the junior detectives will figure out which story Imma will finally tell! While hearing 3 exciting stories along the way, the Jr. detectives will find their list of suspects has dwindled down to just 3 possible choices. By breaking a secret code the name of the culprit book is revealed and Imma tells the story in the final bit of fun!

    Grades: 3 & 4
    Audience Limit: 125
    Connections: Math, Theatre, Storytelling

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