We partner with area schools to place qualified Teaching Artists in various fine arts disciplines in schools. These teaching artists can be contracted to teach one or more classes and are embedded into the school day as a Fine Arts, PE, or an Elective credit. We currently have very successful Dance Programs and Drumline programs in several schools within Smith County. Expansion into Theatre and Technical Theatre residencies are on the horizon! 

Creating Balance through Dance

Young Audiences of Northeast Texas’ dance program, now in it’s sixteenth year,  is focused on the critical adolescent years and is designed to teach the art of dance and to promote creativity, critical thinking, cultural awareness, communication, and learning across all subjects. The program is currently active in three middle schools and one high school.

The program provides an opportunity for students to gain dance experience while also developing a positive self-image.  “Creating Balance through Dance” uses dance terminology, technique, and choreography as the foundation for the residency, overlaid with journaling and teamwork that explores the daily challenges students face. Different dance styles including Jazz, Ballet, Lyrical, Folk and Hip-Hop are covered throughout the program.


This program is designed to help students connect to their bodies and create a felt sense of safety, in addition to managing and expressing emotions. Students will work in teams to choreograph their own interpretations of how to manage their daily challenges, sharing these and several other pieces at the culminating performance. Performances during the school year, including pep-rallies, assemblies, holiday events and parent nights, provide an opportunity for students to share dance with their peers, expanding the number of students experiencing live dance. For the culminating event in May, students perform for family and friends on the main stage of the district fine arts auditorium. All dance students also attend a live professional dance performance at a local performing arts center.

Creating Balance through Dance teaches students that physical activity, creativity, teamwork, and individuality are all things to be cultivated and celebrated within themselves. By building dance classes into their school-day routines, students can clearly see the connections between dance and academics, encouraging them to achieve success in both.

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