Artists (1)

Chris Espinosa

Chris Espinosa creates stories out of thin air with nothing but imagination and the help of a volunteer or two.  His improv-comedy storytelling programs are full of laughs for the entire family, but he also sneaks in a little bit of language arts learning.

Casey Muze

Native of Longview, TX Casey holds 20 years of training as a performance percussionist for numerous rhythm instruments. He is a dedicated social and community supporter.

Brave Little Company

Brave Little Company is theatre for everyone. We create works about, with, and for kids and their grown-ups, reflecting community diversity and children to create art on their own.

Brandon Jones

Brandon Jones, owner of Tyler Kung Fu & Fitness, has 40 years experience in the Chinese martial arts of Kung Fu and Tai Chi and began teaching professionally here in Tyler in 1996.

Dru Woods

Dru Woods is a professional storyteller. Her stories are designed to motivate reading, instill an appreciation of literature, encourage positive character traits, and share a love of storytelling.

Elizabeth Kahura

Elizabeth Kahura was born in Kenya. She is a teacher by profession and also loves to entertain. Elizabeth’s first visit to the United States was in 1995. It was during this time that she decided to start the African Safari program that would help to enlighten the world on the true meaning of Africa.

Emanuelee Bean

Outspoken Bean is Houston’s 2021-2023 Poet Laureate. Bean uses poetry to engage different mediums and institutions to create new and engaging art. In addition to working with YA, he also works with WITS Houston (Writers in the Schools) where he coaches slam poetry teams and helps cultivate storytelling and creative expression.

Hope Shiver

Hope Shiver has a Master of Music Degree from the University of Oregon. She introduces children to Black women who shaped U.S. history through engaging performances. Her performances have not only been held across the U.S. but also globally in Sweden, Japan, and Egypt.

Julio Suarez

Julio Suarez is a visual artist and art educator since dedicating his life to art in 1991. The award-winning artist works in watercolor and acrylic primarily but also enjoys the challenge of mixed media, printmaking and botanical illustration.


Kidprov brings comedy into the classroom, deftly integrating curriculum with energetic games that exercise the mind. Kidprov has dedicated its existence to developing creative minds through the art of improvisational comedy.

Lucas Miller

Lucas Miller, better known as the “singing zoologist,” has been literally singing the praises of wildlife since graduating with a degree in zoology in 1991. His zany humor, smart songwriting and unbridled passion for science inspire his fans, young and old, to respect and protect the natural world.

Margaret Clauder

A former preschool teacher herself and current professional clown, Margaret ties humor into all her educational messages. She has a wonderful array of educationally significant, engaging children’s shows to choose from that have all been tested and refined in front of live audiences.

Tom’s Fun Band

Tom’s Fun Band is a fun and interactive musical group who provides entertainment for young children. This group consists of acoustic guitar, ukulele, bass and drums and features the original songs of group founder Tom Wilbeck.

Tim Tingle

Tim Tingle is an Oklahoma Choctaw and an award-winning author and storyteller. His great-great grandfather, John Carnes, walked the Trail of Tears in 1835, and his paternal grandmother attended a series of rigorous Indian boarding schools in the early 1900’s.

Storybook Theatre

An award-winning traveling children’s theater based in Texas, providing family-friendly educational entertainment in theaters, schools, and libraries since 1991.

Soul Street

Houston based Soul Street Dance is one of the most dynamic premier dance companies in existence. Their technical and artistic skills, stage presence and wit allow them to push the performance envelope to an amazing standard of excellence.

Paul Watson

Paul Watson is a full-time piper with 100’s on 100’s of events and over 25 years of experience under his belt. Donning the appropriate kilt outfit for the occasion, as a Young Audiences artist he is among the professional teaching artists trained to work in the educational setting, providing arts programs in public, private and charter schools.

Mexico 2000

México 2000 Ballet Folklórico and its Directors Alex & Mary Palencia have trained more than 500 dancers and teachers to proudly present their traditional heritage in different venues; and always instill the importance of education and success in their personal life.

Mark Shelton

From the early days of his career as Visiting Artist at Coastal Carolina Community College to his current work as a soloist, clinician, and entrepreneur, Mark Shelton has created programs, products, and educational services for a variety of ages.