Horray for Heroes / The Hero is within YOU

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Horray for Heroes / The Hero is within YOU

Children will learn about the 3 types of bullying – physical, relationship, and verbal. They will learn how to deal with bullies using their words, their actions, and never physical violence. Children will practice recognizing put downs and put ups responsively using a story about a little boy, Michael (the puppet), who was bullied. A game regarding feelings and how they relate to put downs and put ups will be played using audience volunteers to reinforce how words make us feel. The game will teach children how to turn negative words into positive words. Finally, Michael’s story will become a story of triumph as children become super heroes and learn how to make good choices when they cope with bullying.

Margaret Clauder

Grades: K-4
Back-to-Back Performances:  $550
Five Programs in One Day:  $950
Audience Limit:  250