The Young Audiences of Northeast Texas drumline program is designed to teach the art of music through drum playing to promote creativity, critical thinking, communication, and achievement in learning skills involving playing different kinds of drums. This program currently resides in Tyler ISD at Jones Elementary and the Caldwell Arts Academy.


Drumming is an ancient approach that uses rhythm to promote healing, connectedness, and self-expression. Communication of emotion has focused primarily on the neural mechanisms of communicating via speech, despite the fact that emotion is also communicated through nonverbal cues and silence. The communication of emotion is a bidirectional process, including both sensitivity to the emotional cues of others as well as the expression of internal emotional states to others. Research shows that drumming promotes wellness, enhances awareness, and releases emotional trauma. The drumline program explores the voiceless communication process and identify the benefit of communicating with patience through the process of rhythm while playing together in a syncopated rhythm.

Drumline Highlights

Sounds of Percussion

Drumline in Action