Submit Your Poems

Before uploading your poems, please be sure to read the following instructions carefully:

  • Make sure each poem you’re submitting adheres to the Submission Guidelines.
  • Be sure that your poems are formatted correctly on the page. Check out our guide on How to Format Your Poem for an example.
  • Poems should be typed, without illustrations, and sorted by grade level. Do not submit individual documents for each poem. Create one document for every grade level for which you are submitting material (i.e. if you have poems from 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grade students, you will submit 3 documents.)
  • Save the document files as follows: School Teacher Name Grade (i.e. Whitehouse Jones 2nd)


Parental Permission Forms

  • All winning poems must have a signed parental permission form before they can be published. It is the teacher’s job to obtain this form in the event that any of their students win.
  • Upon notification of a winning student, teachers will be given a set of instructions including how and when to submit permission forms. If a signed form is not received by the set deadline, that student’s work will not be published and will be removed from the contest. 
  • While it is not required, we do recommend obtaining signed permission forms for all students whose work you submit in order to expedite the process in the event that a student’s work is selected for publications. You may download this year’s permission form here: Poetry in Schools Parental Permission form 2017

Submissions for the 2018 Poetry in Schools Contest closed Thursday, March 1st. Teachers of winning students will be notified no later than April 1st, 2017.