Weather Wonders with Meteorologist Maggie

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Weather Wonders with Meteorologist Maggie

A science program about weather, the water cycle, and clouds.  Children will find it fascinating to watch the vari-ous magic tricks that demonstrate Steam, Water, Snow, and Ice, as they learn about tornadoes and the water cycle, deserts, and the coldest places on earth.

Chilly the Penguin and Cloudia the Cloud, Meteorologist Maggie’s puppet side kicks,  will come to life with Margaret’s skill-ful ventriloquism as the children learn about lightning, cumulonimbus clouds, and Emperor penguins, the largest penguins in the world.

Margaret Clauder

Grades:  1-5
Back-to-Back Performances (of the same story):  $550
Five Programs in One Day (choose one):  $950
Audience Limit:  250