The Superhero Story Window

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The Superhero Story Window

In this action-verb-packed storytelling program, students suggest ideas to create an original superhero adventure. All suggestions are recorded in The Story Window™ graphic organizer in front of the audience. One student will join Chris Espinosa on stage to perform the story, foil the villainous plot, and save the day! Once the story is over, the students will be able to look through The Story Window™ and SEE the story they conceived. A handout will be available for students to add details or re-write the story before they share it with family and friends.

Chris “Uncle Chris” Espinosa

Grades: 1-2
Single Performance (choose one):  $475
Back-to-Back Performances (combination):  $600
Full Day of 5-6 Assemblies:  $900
Audience Limit:  200