The Power of Puppetry

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The Power of Puppetry

In this two-day residency, Dru Woods engages students in the exciting world of puppetry. Students will learn about different kinds of puppets, puppet voices, and mechanics of puppetry. After selecting a story to recreate as a puppet show, groups of students work together to design and construct their own puppets, create a script, and rehearse their performance.

The culmination of the residency is a Puppetry Showcase in which students perform their original puppet show masterpieces for their classmates. With 30 years of experience in teaching speech and theater, Mrs. Woods ignites student learning with her wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm.

Dru Woods

Grades: 3-5
Residencies Length: 2 days
Session Length: 60 minutes per class daily
Participant Limit: 30 per class

Residency Cost: $125 per session
Maximum Classes per day: 6

Supply Fee: $1 per student