Mime and Masks

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Mime and Masks

Explore the ancient art of mime through this engaging two-day residency led by storyteller and educator Dru Woods. As students are introduced to the silent world of mime, they will discover the challenge and fun of portraying a character, expressing an emotion, or tell-ing a story by using physical movements alone.

On the first day of the residency, Mrs. Woods will lead students through the history and use of mime in theater and will teach them the basic techniques of dramatic physical expression. The students will then create their own masks to be used in a mime performance.

On the second day, the students will compose an original mime skit and perform it for their classmates!

Dru Woods

Grades: 6-8
Residencies Length: 2 days
Session Length: 60 minutes per class daily
Participant Limit: 30 per class

Residency Cost: $125 per session
Maximum Classes per day: 6

Supply Fee: $1 per student