I Detect a Tale with “Imma Sleuth”

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I Detect a Tale with “Imma Sleuth”

Margaret, aka detective “Imma Sleuth”, will take junior gumshoes on an adventure to find a story in the library that she is supposed to tell. Using their powers of deduction, clues, a fin-gerprint matching book, and a secret code, the junior detectives will figure out which story Imma will finally tell! While hearing 3 exciting stories along the way, the Jr. detectives will find their list of suspects has dwindled down to just 3 possible choices. By breaking a secret code the name of the culprit book is revealed and Imma tells the story in the final bit of fun!

Margaret Clauder

Grades:  3-5
Back-to-Back Performances (of the same story):  $550
Five Programs in One Day (choose one):  $950
Audience Limit:  250